NASDA Podcast: Using Hygienic Design Principles to Improve Sanitation Practices on Produce Farms

NASDA 2020 Educators Roundtable Podcast: Using Hygienic Design Principles to Improve Sanitation Practices on Produce Farms

Dr. Betsy Bihn, Cornell PSA Director, Cornell University, Director, Produce Safety Alliance; Executive Director, Institute for Food Safety at Cornell University,

Chris Callahan, PE, MBA, Extension Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering, University of Vermont,

Michelle and Chris talk to Dr. Betsy Bihn and Chris Callahan, PE around challenges and opportunities in the produce industry related to cleaning and sanitizing, good manufacturing practices (GMPs), and hygienic design of equipment. There’s a discussion about an additional group in need of education on this topic, the equipment manufacturing industry. Advances forward will require collaboration and communication between many groups including growers, postharvest researchers, food safety specialists, and manufacturers, to address the challenges that are unique to the produce industry.

Our series hosts are

Dr. Michelle Danyluk, Professor and Extension Specialist – Food Microbiology, University of Florida IFAS,

Dr. Chris Gunter, Vegetable Production Specialist and Professor, North Carolina State University,


Podcast Sessions Replacing Educators Round Table Workshop, Produce Safety Consortium March 2020   

We connect with leading scientists across the country working in diverse areas of produce safety.  In these casual discussions, our presenters share insights into the science behind some of our favorite topics in the Produce Safety Rule. These podcasts address water, cleaning, and sanitation issues beyond that expressly covered in the Rule. This series of podcasts has been developed, with help and support from NASDA, FDA, and AFDO, to explore the educational content originally scheduled for the Produce Safety Consortium Educator’s Pre-meeting workshop.

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